The first italian model-making on-line shop. Hundreds of kits, decal sheets, photoedges, colours, instruments just to try to keep a little under control our passion for models-making


Also in Italy there is still an handful of heroic guys that still resist to the Playstation, the Daily Sport News and the Saturday Night Fevers, dreaming just a brand new temporal dimensions to be spend only in model-making


Another bulwark of the italian modellers : Probably the best model-making shop around !


A web-site for elite modellers : Those who shares the passion for WW I subjets


Have you ever heard about the "modeller's Mecca" ???

www.cbrnp.com/profiles/naval/Flower_Clas s-Corvettes.htm

This is a web page dedicated to the subjet of one of the most actrative kits ever produced on earth.


Another vaste italian web-site only for modellers : full of useful links..


Steel lovers ?   Link this: Make your day !


These guys definitively lost all hopes to stop their dependency on models kit...


The first european on-line shop for military books. An important stop for all military modellers


This link is a real imposition from the owner of Essebiemme ! A former Chief Petty Officer-Radar Operator of the Italian Navy.


If you still don't know that in the US there are some guys that buys, restore and keep in flight condictions war planes from the past, this is your next web-site to visit !


A last web-site,just to remember us about the kids. The real ones.